About Us

About Us

PrimeCare Facility Home is a residential facility for elders located in the center of Los Angeles County. In a quiet and friendly neighborhood of Cerritos, our facility will thrive to ensure the best possible care of our residents. As a residential care community, we are able to satisfy and adhere to our residents, which allows us to provide a high standard of care for our residents. We are a licensed Residential Care Facility for elders (RCF) by the State of California.


Our PrimeCare Facility Home personally emphasizes on the needs of your loved ones. The reputation of PrimeCare Facility Home is founded on the principle of ensuring the highest degree of happiness, care, and safety of our residents. We strive to provide physical and emotional support to enhance the enjoyment of life as fully as possible. We will fulfill this through our mission: It is not only about our commitment to individualized, exceptional and compassionate care, it is about the impact our service has on our residents’ lives.


The vision we hold for PrimeCare Facility Home is to create an environment that will provide our residents with comfort, care and warmth.

Our Residential community will fulfill each and every single need of your loved ones by providing them with exceptional care, well-balanced, nutritious meals, social activities to ensure emotional and physical happiness and warm and ideal residential lifestyle.

Everything you need is in one place. To fully appreciate all that PrimeCare Facility Home has to offer, we invite you to stop by for a visit. Contact us to get started!